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Hello! My name is Ajeet Diwali and I am a student at the University Of California! Welcome to my blog! I like to write about things that I find interesting or experiences that I deem worth sharing!

The idea itself might sound a little bit strange or weird. But nonetheless it is true as it gets. What you need to do is blindly dive headfirst into a huge giant inflatable plastic ball called a Zorbing-Ball, through a narrow entrance. There are two balls one inside the other, linked by a network of thousands of plastic threads. The whole thing looks like some futuristic transport device. Some guy will add water inside the inner sphere and then he will gently push down the hill.

Maybe the push will be gentle, but at the ball rolls down you will reach high speeds. It feels something along the lines of being inside a giant washing machine.

Sounds pretty far-fetched right? Rolling down the hill in a giant transparent sphere like some human hamster inside a plastic ball. Actually, this is real, and it’s a modern-day extreme activity called Zorbing. This plastic ball extravaganza started back in the 90s somewhere in New Zealand. And right now in the present, it’s one of the most fun activities I’ve ever taken part in.

I remember for the mounted way back in the 90s in a show called “the race”. It was about some guys in New Zealand that were taking part in a race which consisted of them getting inside these balls and rolling down a special organized slope. The one who got the best time was declared the winner. And when I watched this, I decided I had tried for myself.

And so here we come to the present day, when I and a couple of friends decided we have to try it out for ourselves and we went on a trip to Rotorua, New Zealand. We were pretty excited as we were approaching the Zorbing-Park. We were pretty lucky that we had the beautiful weather even though it was late summer towards autumn. The sun was up in the sky and there were no clouds and no signs of rain. Jack the oldest in our group, was pretty skeptical about the whole thing. But the experience would totally change his mind about zorbing.

We knew you we were supposed to bring our own clothes. So we came fully equipped. We had our T-shirts on and our swimming pants. As we got inside the Zorbing-Ball we had no idea what was about to happen. The guy poured in some water and went in two at a time. Next thing we know, what water was splashing all around us, the ball is rolling a huge speed down the hill and we were holding on to our Go Pro camera filming the whole experience. It was unbelievably fun.

At the ball came to a stop, and we got out, we were so stoked that we wanted to go again instantly. And so we did. We thought we would only do it once but ended up spending the whole day until late evening in the Zorbing-Park.

It was simply awesome, and we won’t hesitate to go there again the first opportunity we get.

This is pretty much what it’s like when you go zorbing:

Weekend At The Water Park – Riding A Water Ball


This weekend we had beautiful weather. It was superhot outside for a late spring day. So me and my parents decided to go to the water park. It was super fun and exciting. We went on all the rides that they had. One of our friends even did they extreme jumbo jet ride. It’s pretty much a vertical slide almost. I would say that you gain so much speed when you hit the water that I wasn’t brave enough to do it.

But while my friends went to try out the jumbo jet ride, I decided to test out something at least is exciting in my opinion. I went to the water ball pool. They had a lot of water balls floating around. I had always wanted to try out a wateWater Ballr ball for myself. I’ve seen other people do it. You get inside a water ball, then you pull down the zipper, and you can now walk or run on any water surface. Some people use it in pools, or other use it at the seaside, or others on lakes and they go camping for example. In any of these situations the water ball is something fun to do, and walking on water is somewhat short of a miracle. We all know who else could walk on water, so being able to do this inside the water ball is quite spectacular.

And so I got in the water ball, and this guy from the park picked up an electric pump zip up the zipper almost all the way, and started inflating the water ball with air while I was inside it. Once it was fully inflated I was ready to go. He said he would pull out the electric pump and that I should zip up the zipper all the way so now what do you can get inside it and no air can get out at the same time. He made me a short training before I went inside the water ball. He said you cannot spend more than 5 to 10 minutes in one of these balls.

The water ball is inflated with air, and since you are inside and it is sealed tight, then you only get the limited reserve of air, and in order for everything to be safe and sound, you must not spend more than the normal time inside, since there is a danger of running out of air and fainting. And you wouldn’t want to do that while trying to walk on water would you. So most of the times, running inside the water ball is done while being supervised. Hundred percent true is that children should not use water balls without supervision of adults.

In addition to this, water balls are usually tied with a rope to the shore. I mean imagine being inside the water ball starting to walk away from the shore and not being able to get back. The thing is even though you are walking inside the ball on the water surface, the problem that arises is that there is no friction within the water ball and water. And so it is very hard to give a direction to the ball. You’re pretty much going whichever way the ball is going. Don’t ever try to use this on the river, it would be very stupid since the water flow would take you in a direction which you have no control about. It’s actually very dangerous. Imagine running out of air and not being able to pull yourself to the shore to get out of the water ball.

Like any sport or outdoor activity, walking on water in a ball should be done in a safe environment. Always safety first so user smarts and do it like I did in a water park. I have a lot of fun inside the water ball. I wish I had one up for myself, but maybe when I save some money I would buy a water ball that I would own. But until then you can always go to a water park and have fun inside one. I think water balls are fun for both children and adults as well.

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